Eric Márquez Posts

When I met Itzel, I immediately wanted to do a photo shoot with her because I loved her look so pervasive. The result are these beautiful photos. Regards, Eric

I’m very excited to show these pictures with you. Edith & Pep shared with me the place where their love story began. They are two great friends who I love and appreciate. Thank you guys. Regards, Eric.

It was a complicated week because every day had been cloudy. To my fortune on Saturday had a blue sky, few clouds and great sunlight. Thanks for helping me, Ale. Regards, Eric.

Recently I contacted to Ivonne, a kind and sweet girl. I liked how the sunlight helped me in these great photos. Regards, Eric.

Quinta de Alonso is on the road to San Luis Potosi. On this occasion, my sister Jackie, helped me in these lovely pictures. I loved the sunset. Thanks, Nana. Regards, Eric.

As we left town, we took advantage and took a few pictures on the way. Loved the Luly’s outfit. The result are these beautiful photos. Regards, Eric.

These pictures were special because I improvised location. Luly was very patient with me to find the perfect place. On the road to Los Arquitos, we found a small creek that served as a stage. Thanks Luly. Regards, Eric.

Fany, a beautiful person I know from long ago, was the one who helped me in this photo shoot. She was shy at first, but after a few takes everything went great. Regards, Eric.

Recently I met Mayra, a very sweet girl. On this occasion I chose the Alameda Gardens. It is a place that reminds me a lot Guadalajara City. Regards, Eric.